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A leading team of reinsurance brokers

Focused on our customer´s service and specialized in the Latin American market

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Buenos Aires, Asunción, Montevideo, Santiago, Santa Cruz de la Sierra y Miami.


Countries in which we operate

Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brasil, Chile y Bolivia.


30 years of experience

in the reinsurance market.


30 professionals

specialized, creative and innovative.

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About Us 

The leading team of brokers in treaty reinsurance in the market.

Special Division has a large staff of multidisciplinary professionals who address the current reinsurance problematic with innovative solutions, which focus on providing their clients with customized modeled capabilities, alternative regional distribution channels and improving solvency with traditional and structured reinsurance instruments.


Available Services

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The Latin American market calls for specialization. Both in operators and in products designed to suit their needs.
Special Division is the answer.”

Lic. Guillermo J. G. Pastore


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